Kyrobak Review – Therapeutic Device That Could Injure You

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First time I saw Kyrobak on TV. They had money back guarantee, so I thought I might as well try it, may be it will be my magic cure?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. It’s more just one of those many products that take advantage of people in pain. Although it could help for people treating mid-low back pain.

Rating: 3/10

Dedicated To: back pain

The Pros

  • Could help for mid-low back pain

The Cons

  • Sneaky money back guarantee
  • Could even cause injury
  • Is not proven clinically or scientifically

Difficulty Level: any.
Regular Price:
$299.95 (which can be split into 3 equal installments if you prefer),  plus $19.95 
Author: –
Money Guarantee:available after 40 days of using

What’s in The Package?

  • Kyrobak Device
  • Storage Bag
  • User Manual
  • Quick Guide
  • Power Supply

You’ll also receive Dr. Steven Geanopulos’s e-book titled Lifestyle Changes for Relief, At Last as a free gift.

What is Kyrobak?

It’s a machine, that provide a rhythmic, soothing motion, which should activate blood flow and flush oxygen to the spine, gently releasing pressure between the vertebrae, allowing spine decompression. It does this by using:

  •  Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)
  •  Oscillation therapies

All these things are sound good and in theory should work when relieving pain. But when it comes to Kyrobak, can the device really provide long-lasting pain relief in just 10 minutes per day, or is it an overpriced product that’ll be gathering dust in a few short weeks?

CPM and Oscillation Therapies Could Be Made Up

It looks like manufacture is trying to come up with these weird, sophisticated terms, which sound complex and scientific. But in reality it’s just a machine that massages your butt and back. All the so claimed studies are just ordered by the same manufacturer.

Kyrobak promises to increase the flow of blood & oxygen to the spine, also decompress the spine. Theoretically these type of effects helps to treat pain. Problem is that you can do the same by exercising correctly. It’s not an secrete that any treatment or product that is works with back pain or sciatic pain is composed of:  heat therapies and exercising. I explain how I found out what  treatment worked for me in my story.

Probability of Injury

Using it I’ve injured my tailbone.

Their customer support said: “For those complaints we find that putting a towel under your rear to prop up your tailbone helps.” Also they suggested that I prop my legs up on a chair and give it the whole 45 days. I tried both and used it for the whole time thinking that my tailbone issue was a short term issue and I would get long term relief from my back pain. Neither was true.

Other websites are full of similar injury reviews.

Trial Availability

Clinical trial is only available upon request.

Sneaky Money Back Guarantee

You can get your money back (including your original S&H charges, as well as the cost of shipping it back to the manufacturer). However,  you must have used the device for at least 45 days before you’re eligible for refund. But you can’t return it after 60 days. It’s 15-day window to get your money back (be sure to set a reminder on your calendar!).

Kyrobak also comes with a 1-year warranty, including free replacement parts or an entire unit if necessary.

Overall: 2/10

  • High price,
  • The lack of clinical evidence showing its CPM or oscillation therapies can provide results
  • There is a probability of injury
  • Does not treat the root cause of pain

If you are completely lazy person, than Kyrobak might be for you. But if you want permanent cure for your back pain, and you spent 20min/day to exercise then I would suggest heat therapies and structured back pain exercises.

What Product I Recommend Instead?

I’m found a lot of success with Ian Hart’s Program My Back Pain Coach @ Relief 4 Life Program. I’m still using it today. This is one of few programs I truly would recommend to a friend.

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